Yearly Report | La politica su Twitter nel 2020

2020 is now over and it will not be missed.


It’s the year that will go down in history for the arise of the first global pandemic, but that also witnessed significant political events that, in other times, might have had different propagation and outcomes.


In Italy, the pandemic influenced everything, starting from politics. What seemed unstable turned stable, as well as the paradigms that seemed inalterable have had to bend in front of the causes of force majeure produced by the emergency.


We could have narrated the year 2020 from numerous points of view but, in the end, we chose to focus on the assessment of the main parties and political leaders in our country, combining both objective and subjective parameters in the evaluation: Twitter data and political analysis.


So here is our new Yearly Report | La politica su Twitter nel 2020, result of the integrated work of different teams, and for which we thank Patrizio Perlini, Axel Donzelli and Piero Tatafiore.


Unlike past years, this report has a two-fold structure: the static one, crystallized in this document, that photographs parties’ and leaders’ performances, accompanying them with some of our political considerations; the dynamic one, that you can view by clicking on this link  that will be constantly updated to give a realistic and punctual framework of the results of its protagonists.


It might have been easier to simply report the “cold numbers”, but, as we usually do, we couldn’t resist the temptation of adding some more considerations.


One more reason why the merit of the work must be shared with everyone, while possible mistakes or critics are up to who writes.


Enjoy the reading and happy new year!



image credits: TvBoy “La guerra dei socials”