What Europe looks like at the 2024 elections

It was five crucial years in the history of Europe. Years in which the continent was inexorably marked by the Covid experience and the war in Ukraine. But also by major political events, such as the end of the Merkel era and Brexit. What faces the 2024 election is therefore a very different Europe from five years ago. Gianni Pittella, former Vice-President of the European Parliament, has analysed this historical-political-economic juncture in the pamphlet Road to 2024 produced in collaboration with The Watcher Post and Formiche. An essay that consists of three documents: the first focusing on what has happened in the EU in recent years; the second on what will happen between now and the elections; the third on the Europe that the 2024 elections will hand over to us.

In the interview with Pittella we introduced the first section of the pamphlet, anticipating some of his reflections.

Filming and editing by Simone Zivillica

The first document of the pamphlet Road to 2024 – The Europe to come, the European legislature 2019-2024 is available here: download