The domains “” and “” (hereinafter, the “Site”) use technologies to collect useful information to improve and make the User’s browsing experience more efficient.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify, on the one hand, the use UTOPIA Lab makes of cookies and, on the other, how to possibly disable them or how to deny consent to their use.
UTOPIA Lab reserves the right to modify and update the cookie policy at any time.
Any changes and / or updates will take effect from the date of publication on the Site which will be made clear at the bottom of this page.

1. What are cookies.

Cookies are small text strings that are sent to the User’s browser when the user visits a website using a social network with a PC or a mobile device. The browser stores the cookies on the User’s terminal and re-transmits them to the sites visited whenever the User reconnects to the same sites. Cookies can remain in the system for the duration of a session (ie until the browser used is closed) or for a longer period of time independent of the session.

2. Types of cookie used here

a) Navigation or session cookies.

Navigation or session cookies are essential. Without them UTOPIA Lab would not be able to provide certain services or functions to the user of the Site and browsing on it would not be easy. Some of these cookies, for example, allow access to the reserved area through User authentication, as well as to make online purchases. The cookies belonging to this category are always used, regardless of the User’s preferences and, therefore, they are always sent from the UTOPIA Lab domain to the terminal used for navigation.

b) Analytics cookies.

These cookies are used by UTOPIA Lab to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and the ways in which they visit the Site. Analytics cookies show which pages you visit most often, allow you to check the recurring patterns of use of the Site, map the difficulties the User encounters in using the Site and the effectiveness of the advertising contained therein. This type of cookie collects information – completely anonymously – both on user activity and on how it arrived at the site. The cookies belonging to this category are sent from the Site or, possibly, from third-party domains.

c) Functionality cookie.

Functionality cookies allow you to store the choices made by the User on the Site and / or the services requested by the latter in order to provide, in the future, more advanced and personalized products and utilities such as, for example, remembering the navigation language or the type of services used and / or purchased by a User who returns, even several times, to the same Site. These cookies can also come from third parties and not only from Balkan. The navigation and session cookies, the analytics and functionality cookies are “technical” cookies for which the User’s prior consent is not required.

d) Profiling cookies.

Profiling cookies are designed to create user’s profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the users browsing the internet.

e) Third parties, social networks and external platforms.

UTOPIA Lab works with third parties to provide and manage particular services offered on the Site and / or use services that allow interaction with social networks and / or other platforms external to the Site. In such cases, whenever the User decides to interact with the plug-ins or access the Site after having “logged in” through his Facebook or Twitter account, it is possible that some personal information is acquired by the managers of the external platforms and / or of social networks (for example, the User’s visit to the Site).
UTOPIA Lab does not have access to such data, which is collected and processed in full autonomy by the managers of the platforms external to the Site and / or by social networks. For more information on the logic and methods of processing data collected by these platforms outside the Site and / or social networks, users are invited to read the privacy information notes provided by the parties providing the services in question:




Google+ e YouTube


3. Control of the cookie.

The customer can directly manage the relative preferences to the cookie from just browser web (the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Explorer Microsoft Windows) preventing, as an example, that third parts can install some. Through the preferences of the browser it is moreover possible to eliminate the cookie installs to you in past, included the cookie in which comes eventually saved the consent to the installation of cookie from part of the Situated one. It is well to specify, however, than disable all the cookie could be compromise the corrected operation of the situated one.
It marks itself that for disable the cookie directly from just browser web it is possible to follow the present instructions in the indicated pages of continuation:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

Internet Explorer:

The customer, moreover, can – with the exception of the closely necessary cookie to navigation – exercise just straight to contest the tracking and eliminate the other cookie addressing to UTOPIA Lab through the shipment of one mail to the address or directly through just browser and, as far as the cookie of third parts inquiring themselves through the privacy policy of these last ones, through the link of opt out if explicitly supplied or contacting the same ones directly.
Detention remaining how much precedes, UTOPIA Lab informs that the customer can take advantage itself of your online choices in order to manage the preferences of tracking of the greater part of the advertising instruments. UTOPIA Lab, therefore, advises to the customers to use such resource in adding to the information supplied from the present document. In any case, the continuing of navigation in situated and the overcoming of the banner of informative imply the consent from part of the customer to the use of the cookie.

Minor’s use of the website

Users declare to be adults according to the legislation applicable to them. Under-aged may use the Site only with the assistance of a parent or guardian.