Crisis management (media & digital)

Every crisis, real or presumed, predictable or unpredictable, risks becoming a communication crisis, on traditional media and on social media, with repercussions on the image, reputation and business of the company.

Monitoring, prevention, planning and preparation are the only weapons to guarantee a timely response and conscious management in crisis situations.

UTOPIA works in close coordination with the client in the entire crisis communication management process. In the pre-crisis phase the procedures are defined, internal and external, to be followed, the plan containing the key messages and the monitoring to be carried out on the various media are prepared, exercises are also carried out to train the company spokesmen who must interface with journalists.

UTOPIA supports customers to contain the negative effects on the image and above all on the relationship of trust with stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities and possible crisis scenarios
  • Internal audits with management
  • Development of crisis strategies and emergency planning
  • Constitution of the crisis committee
  • Definition of procedures and check list
  • Crisis manuals
  • Simulation of crisis situations
  • Formation of the spokeperson
  • Real time monitoring of media and social media
  • Crisis response