Advocacy and Institutional Communication

UTOPIA helps companies to communicate with institutions – with the aim of conveying messages of strategic importance – and elaborates advocacy campaigns to integrate and improve institutional and media relations activities.

In a world in which communication is increasingly placed at the center of strategic corporate and political choices, pure lobbying is relegated to the last mile – yet remaining the most important and decisive part – of a long journey that starts with construction of a narrative capable of effectively generating consensus and credibility of the proposals.

Advocacy is a strategic activity of consensus building and decision-making awareness, with which messages are directly or indirectly spread to support and promote one’s interests and position within the market, improving prodromal way one’s own positioning and perception within the institutional and media context in which one operates.

Lobbying must be part of a broader strategic framework, which sees advocacy, both in a classic and digital sense, as a pillar in the persuasion of public decision makers.