CEO & Top Management Positioning

The company’s image is increasingly interconnected with that of its CEO and top management.

There is a strong symbiosis which – until a few years ago – was mainly achieved in the relationship between the Founder or Global CEO and the company in its multinational scope; today, however, this relationship is also created with the pro tempore CEO or, at a local level, between the country manager and the company in the area in which it operates.

There are no longer just Mark Zuckerberg and Meta, Elon Musk and Tesla, Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Increasingly, even at a national level, the image of the company coincides with the image of its Managing Director, its President, and in some contexts also of top management (think of the importance that the Director of Government Affairs or Communications).

The correct management of the image of the top representatives of a company produces positive impact in terms of economic and market performance. This is even more true when the company and its CEO are naturally exposed to the outside, as they operate in a market that is structurally or temporarily involved in the media-institutional debate.

It therefore becomes essential to manage the image of top managers in the relationship with their reference stakeholders, in particular institutions, the media, commercial partners, trade associations, but also consumers.

It is increasingly strategic to combine the corporate logo and brands with the face of one’s CEO and top managers.