Training & Coaching

The courses designed by UTOPIA, tailored to the specific needs of customers, represent a piece of the broader consulting board, which allows UTOPIA to support its customers and partners in defining winning games.

The UTOPIA training courses and coaching allow you to increase your personal resources, overcoming your limits, and directly impacting soft skills (Communication; Persuasion; Public Speaking; Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Problem Solving; Delegation; Decision Making etc.)

We focus on people and communication.

Communication represents the most strategic asset of every organization, but it is also the one that, if neglected, can become its weak point, undermining its growth and threatening its existence.

Offering people the necessary specific training on communication is an important strategic decision that has a positive impact on the entire company. This is why UTOPIA offers training services aimed at improving skills in those strategic sectors where an absence of investment is no longer conceivable, and in particular:

  • Media Training
  • Public speaking
  • Digital Training and social media reputation
  • Effective communication