Head of Digital Affairs


Axel is the Head of UTOPIA’s Digital Affairs unit, which operates in an integrated and transversal way with public affairs and communication activities.

Axel was born in Napoli and graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the Oriental University of Naples. After completing his university studies, in 2005 he moved to Brussels to undertake a course of specialization in European Studies.
He first got an internship at the European Parliament and then started working in a European Affairs and Strategic Communication company, dealing with innovative communication campaigns on a European scale. He co-founded an online editorial project on “digital affairs”, aimed at contributing to the debate on public policies and on the social and legal implications linked to the advent of digital technology.
In 2016 he came back to Milan, where he worked for a communication company, as a senior digital advisor. He finally joined UTOPIA in January 2019. When it is not in front of a screen, you will find him behind a viewfinder or a book (paper-made!)