Communications and Digital Affairs Division


Deputy Director of The Watcher Post, the political, cultural and economic magazine published by UTOPIA, under whose journalistic coordination the formats of the UTOPIA Studios and the editorial services for stakeholders, institutions and players of the markets of interest are created.

After graduating in Political Science and International Relations at La Sapienza University in Rome, he began to devote himself to his great passion, the one he declared as a child: journalism. His has been an exciting apprenticeship, the kind he has experienced in small but rampant editorial offices, where one learns by ‘doing’ and above all by observing veterans. He has covered local and national, administrative and political news, and has been a parliamentary correspondent. Professional journalist, in 2012 he began working in publishing and communication, becoming Associate Editor of Inside Art, a publishing group specialising in culture and contemporary art. During these years, he learnt how to manage editorial products and devised branding projects and communication strategies for companies and institutions. For two years he taught communication at the Master of Art at Luiss Business School and, in 2022, he joined UTOPIA, to take care of the assets The Watcher Post and UTOPIA Studios. He is the Deputy Editor of The Watcher Post His best ideas come to him when he cooks (they say very well) and when he rides a motorbike.