Head of UTOPIA Studios


He joins the UTOPIA team in May 2021 as head of UTOPIA Studios. He takes care of the contents of the talks as an author and manages the organization of the schedule and the agenda of the guests.

Born and raised in Sardinia but relocated in Rome where he graduated with honors in Political Science at La Sapienza University with a final thesis on “Political and economic geography on Wahhabism”. Due to his great commitment with youth associations, during his university years Marco held the position of Board Member at the regional body for the Right to Education of the Lazio Region. Furthermore, he organized numerous initiatives in collaboration with the European Parliament in Italy and Europe against youth unemployment. Passionate about communication in all its shapes, he obtained a master degree in “Institutional Communication and Open Government” at LUISS Guido Carli university. He worked on the development of several electoral campaigns, wrote for many online newspapers dealing with innovation and international politics and made a docufilm about elderly condition of his small town in Sardinia called « Padria, the documentary ». In 2017, he worked in the editorial staff of Sky TG24, working first in Rome and then in Milan. In 2021, he joined UTOPIA as Head of the Studios, where he managed the weekly schedule and on the organization of programs and talks. He likes to reads historical essays in in a disordered fashion and defines himself as a beach guitarist, believes in beer and still hopes in a possible reunion of the Gallagher brothers.