Communications and Media Relations Division


In UTOPIA since January 2023, Giulia is part of the Communication & Media Relations team.

Born in Sardinia, despite having attended primary and secondary schools in Italy, the possibility of staying in the United States of America for an entire academic year has completely changed her perspectives, she decided indeed to continue her studies abroad. She graduated in (LLB) Global Law from Tilburg University (NL). After receiving her Master of Laws (LLM) in International and European Law: Public International Law from the University of Amsterdam, she worked at UNESCO (World Water Assessment Programme). Following other experiences, she increased her knowledge on various aspects of public relations, communication and media relations. She joined UTOPIA in January 2023. She loves food, with pizza, pasta and french fries it is easy to make her smile. Her favorite hobby is taking the first available flight to any beach destination and lying on the beach with a straw hat and a good book.