Board Executive Assistant - Office Manager


Management Assistant to support the members of the Board of Directors. As Office Manager he manages the offices in Rome, Milan and Brussels as well as the organization of internal corporate events.

Francesco is the Board Executive Assistant and Office Manager of UTOPIA.

He began his professional career at the age of 20 in the Senate of the Republic as a collaborator of a majority Parliamentary Group; position held during the XIV (2001-2006) and XV (2006-2008) Legislature. He became a Parliamentary Assistant in the XVI Legislature at the Chamber of Deputies, especially following the work of the XIV Commission – Policies of the European Union and the XI Commission – Public and Private Work.

In parallel, in all these years he has always dealt with the organization of major political events as well as national and territorial election campaigns: political elections in 2008 and 2013, regional elections in Campania in 2010.From 2013 he moved to the private sector, making use of his experience in event management between Italy and Spain.

He joins Utopia in 2016 as a Management Assistant to support the Board of Directors. He also acts as Office Manager for the management of the Rome, Milan and Brussels offices as well as for the organization of internal corporate events and of UTOPIA customers.

He loves music, football, and karate.

He loves the sea, particularly the Sicilian one, swimming and canoeing

Dans UTOPIA on dit de lui

Since Frisico (his nickname NDR) is in the office, order reigns!