Institutional Relations Office


In UTOPIA since July 2022, Michelangelo is part of the Monitoring and Institutional Relations Office.

A true Apulian, he loves his region and in particular the town where he was born and raised: Castellaneta, Taranto. He graduated with honours in Law from the University of Bari ‘Aldo Moro’, discussing a thesis in constitutional law entitled ‘The power of promulgation of the President of the Republic’. Before coming to UTOPIA, he had a short experience in the Public Administration and then left for Brussels where he worked for a political group in the European Parliament, an experience he carries in his heart. He is a sports lover, from football, which he played until the age of 18 at an amateur level, to basketball, where he was a manager in his country’s team. His greatest passion, however, is politics: he follows local, national and international politics closely. When he is not busy, we find him in the mountains where he likes to relax, between one newspaper and another, in the company of a good cigar.