Institutional Relations Office


Daniele is Public Affairs Manager of the Monitoring and Institutional Relations office. He mainly deals with healthcare, publishing, food & beverage and mobility.

Born in Rome. After graduating in Law from the University of Camerino with a thesis in Constitutional Justice, he initially collaborated as legal consultant with a company specializing in commercial, transport and international law. In December 2008 he was called to collaborate with the Minister for European Policies pro tempore in the Minister’s Technical Secretariat. In June 2011 he joined Nomos – Centro Studi Parlamentari Srl, a consultancy company specializing in communication with institutions, for which he oversaw Parliamentary, Governmental and External Relations, dealing with issues related to Energy, Environment and Healthcare. In November 2017 he joined SEC Newgate SpA as Senior Account of the Public Affairs division, deepening, among others, issues related to Healthcare, Publishing, Food & Beverage. He joined UTOPIA in January 2020. Passionate about politics from an early age, he loves rock music, 80s pop and Sergio Leone and Kubrick’s movies. He likes the sea, good readings, the history of South Africa, the beat generation and cooking.