In UTOPIA we have freely chosen to adopt some rules of ethics and professional conduct to ensure the highest quality and transparency of our business consulting as well as training and professional culture most suitable for people who work with us.


For this reason we adhere to the Association for the transparency of the lobbies "Il Chiostro", and we respect its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, in order to promote the culture, practice and regulation in the representation of the interests of transparency and democratic pluralism.


We are convinced, that the decisions for the general interest of the country can be better resolved and taken only when you know that the individual interests compose that general interest, and therefore possible to decide with full knowledge and greater freedom.

The activities of interest representation in the institutions is legitimate and necessary to defend democracy and to allow the institutions themselves to implement appropriate policies that respond to the needs and realities of the moment.

And yet, is absolutely necessary that this activity is carried out with the utmost professionalism and transparency, in compliance with the law and ethical principles, and avoid putting undue pressure or an illegal or privileged access to information and public decision-makers.


UTOPIA is also entered in the European Union “Transparency Register”, and then applies and also complies with the code of conduct imposed by the EU institutions.