Essential activity to the strategic planning of lobbying, in order to precisely and exactly anticipate all the information dealing with our clients’ interests, and to highlight the main opportunities and criticalities rising from them.


Monitoring expecially includes:

  • European Institutions activity
  • Camera dei Deputati and Senato della Repubblica activities, expecially concerning the work of the Assembly and permanent Committees
  • Governmental and ministerial acts
  • Actions and misures of Sector Autorities and others figures acting in our society, such as consumer associations
  • Activities of Local Public powers expecially Regions and Lands
  • Precise screening of press and press agencies.

Media Monitoring 

Media-monitoring service, offers instead a precise screening of press and press agencies of any topic the client would be interested in. Checks will be immediately sent to the client by e-mail and then saved in a specialized file on our web side in order to be read whenever wanted.