UTOPIA develops advocacy campaigns to integrate and make more effective the activities of institutional relations and media relations.
In a world where communication is increasingly placed at the core of strategic corporate and political choices, pure lobbying is relegated to the last kilometer - which remains the most important and decisive - of a long journey that starts from construction of a narrative capable of generating effective consent and credibility of the proposals.
Advocacy is a strategic activity of consensus building and sensitization of the decision-makers. Due to an advocacy activity messages, are disseminated in a direct or indirect way in order to support and promote interests and positions within the market, improving a prodromal way of its positioning within the context, institutional and media, in which it operates.
The lobbying activity must be considered as a part of a broader strategic framework, which sees in advocacy, both in a classic and digital key, a pillar in the persuasion of public decision-makers.



Digital platforms have unquestionably contributed to radically transform not only the world of communication and the relationship between consumers and brands, but also the institutional dynamics and the relationship between citizens and politics.
Social networks and the web are increasingly the place where politics measures consensus and where voters express their positions by participating in the political debate.
The network has become the democratic place par excellence, the place where people get information, listen, express and judge, directing politics and consumption.
The use of social networks is therefore an essential activity in the strategies of persuasion of public decision-makers and institutions.
Moreover, digital tools, thanks to their intrinsically measurable nature, allow to monitor and analyze the fundamental metrics in real time in order to elaborate decisions and strategic plans based on data (i.e. data driven).
The analysis on which each action is based is in fact crucial as much as the consequent actions themselves.
For these monitoring and sentiment analysis activities, UTOPIA has developed specific algorithms and artificial intelligence platforms.
In order to effectively conduct an advocacy and lobbying campaign, it has therefore become essential to combine digital modes, techniques and strategies to more traditional activities.
Also lobbying and advocacy become digital, confirming a process that has now invested entire other sectors.