The communication landscape is constantly evolving. The advent of digital has distorted languages, tools and techniques, making this ecosystem more complex. UTOPIA is able to lead its customers by the hand and guide them in this digital labyrinth, thanks to a proven track record in the development of tailored methodologies, creativity and in-depth knowledge of digital channels and codes whose goal is to achieve the main objective: building an effective narration, adapting the right message to the context and to the target audience through a cross-media approach, generating measurable results.
The digital narrative passes through a bilateral relationship, which is not a merely informative exchange but create a real relationship with its audience. The digital communication facilitates this process by using multiple tools and languages:
  • Social media strategy & management;
  • Infuencer relations & Digital PR
  • Web listening & monitoring
  • Social media crisis management
  • Social media training
  • Web reputation management
  • Digital campaign & activation
  • Branded content
  • Website design & development
  • Video strategy