Utopia plans and draws up all types of contents and editorial material for its customers.

In particular, the company composes and sends press kits and press releases on their behalf. These documents are necessary to inform quickly journalists and stakeholders and to present the customer to the press along with his activities and products; the documents contain the most useful information to realize updates and articles related to the news in object.

Moreover, in case of misleading news, Utopia elaborates explanations, denials, and adjustments requesting their publication.

The summaries, which contain the main data of a company or a single operation, avoid the loss of information and the risk of possible mistakes during the publication.

Processing ad hoc press mailing list

This is our address book that is made available to our customer. It includes news agencies, generalists, local and economic-financial newspapers, magazines, industry press, radio, national and local televisions, websites. Each customer disposes of a dedicated mailing list that takes into account the required target