Utopia complete its range of services thanks to its internal law firm UTOPIA - Legal & Corporate Affairs.  A dedicated division of lawyers that constitutes a quid pluris in the activities of legislative advice and that allows us to assist our customers 360 degrees in legal matters – judicial or extrajudicial - identifying the most appropriate legal solutions.
Because you can't change the rules of the game if you don't know before previously the existing ones.

Utopia also relies on the collaboration of some of the main Italian and international law firms.

Utopia Legal, due to the extraction of the professionals who work there, is able to provide primary legal services in all major areas of law, both in the assistance and advice, both in the litigation . 
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Utopia Legal offers assistance in legal actions before the Administrative Courts, Council of State, as well as before the national and EU Authorities. 

Utopia has a particular expertise in procurements, with experience in customer service throughout the whole procedure of participation in public tenders – from the proposal to the award – as well as public concessions and licenses, project financing and agreements or transactions with the Public Administration.

Utopia Legal provides expert assistance in labour law, assisting employers during the mobility procedures, relocation of employees, staff restructuring, as well as in disputes with employees and / or disloyal partners. Utopia offers support during negotiations with trade unions and public administration, along with the preparation of collective agreements and individual contracts.

Utopia Legal offers the broadest support in all industry’s areas, with special regard to issues of contractual liability, unfair competition, medical liability and debt collection. 

Utopia has an extensive experience in national and international contracts, both private and commercial, and provides full assistance – even in English language – during negotiation and the conclusion of trade agreements with Italian and foreign companies. 

Utopia offers assistance in every court of the Italian judicial authorities, paying special attention to the establishment of a constructive dialogue with its customers.

Utopia Legal offers legal assistance in land and maritime transports to domestic and foreign institutional clients, as well as qualified Italian customers. In the field of air navigation, Utopia Legal assists airlines that provides air transport for traveling passengers and freight, as well as for the users of these services. 

Utopia Legal assists institutional clients (passenger transport companies, tour operators, event organizers) from the tourism industry, providing the broadest support and consultation on applicable law, the sector’s contracts, and the legal assistance needed for commercial and administrative relations, as well as disagreements with the service’s users.

Operating on behalf of Italian and foreign clients, Utopia Legal supported the establishment of companies in Italy to plan and realize photovoltaic parks. More generally, she sustained the creation of companies for investments in sources of energy alternatives to fossil fuel, including legal assistance during the sale of business units and related financial issues, offering escrow agent services and anti-laundering support in accordance with the legislation. 

Utopia Legal offers assistance in legal actions before the European courts, in the full knowledge that today the application of internal law cannot disregard the European rules and that the instrument of the preliminary ruling is fundamental to protect the interests and rights of its customers.

Utopia Legal assists corporate and foreign institutional clients, as well as foreign law offices, during legal actions in Italy such as preliminary injunctions, processes, arbitrations and conciliations. Utopia offers amicable advices for the preparation of agreements or settlements, usually operating in English.

In line with the growing need for legal certainty, Utopia Legal devotes special attention and care to the procedures of conciliation and arbitration (national and international). To this end, she provides legal assistance to its clients in order to conclude the actions and throughout the whole suit. 

Some of the members of the Office can operate individually as conciliators and / or arbitrators.

In this field, the activity of Utopia Legal encompasses the assistance during Board of Directors and Assembly meetings (including the redaction of minutes), or activities of assistance for extraordinary operations such as corporate restructuring, acquisitions, sales of company branches, joint ventures, establishment of ATI, RTI, Consortia and Cooperatives, project financing. Moreover, Utopia Legal assists the establishment in Italy of limited companies on behalf of foreign clients providing for the related activities of assistance and advice, even in fiscal and taxation fields.

Utopia Legal assists creditors, especially institutional, during bankruptcy actions, dealing with debt restructuring, court agreements, creditors and bankruptcy arrangements and developing the most appropriate strategies for the management of liabilities and the satisfaction of creditors. Utopia assists foreign institutional interests with expert advices related to Italian bankruptcies or, in general, exams, agreements and recovery processes.