Video Production & Storytelling Manager


Stefano takes care of the creative and production part of the video and storytelling productions, both within Utopia and on behalf of the clients, following the projects from start to finish: from writing to directing; from production to assembly, up to the final delivery.

Storyteller, filmmaker and 3D artist, member of WGI (Writers Guild Italy). He has university degrees in cultural anthropology (BA, MSc), and studied filmmaking, screenwriting and film/TV production between Rome (LUISS Business School), New York (New York Film Academy), and Prague (Prague Film School). He wrote and directed short films selected and awarded in international film festival, and he collaborated as a film critic with some magazines. He worked as a documentary filmmaker for the Smithsonian Arctic Center in Anchorage, Alaska, and served as a production manager, production assistant and a first AD for some independent companies and for Palomar SPA. Currently, he works as a director, a content creator, and a producer, putting his signature on commercials, music videos, films, documentaries and informative videos. It’s his job within Utopia as well. He also collaborates, as a developer and a 3D artist, with companies and cultural institutions, focusing on CG animation, virtual production, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). When he’s not behind the camera, or the keyboard of a computer, he enjoys cooking, and focuses on his greatest passion: traveling around the world for getting knowledge, exploring places and traditions, meeting other cultures and, at the very last, telling about everything he saw and came to know. His goal is to tell stories to arouse emotions, leave a message or simply unravel a different perspective about our world.