Institutional Relations Office

She carries out legal, institutional and political scenario analysis and monitoring of the legislative measures, particularly for customers operating in the energy – environment sector.

Claudia works in the Legislation and Governance office since March 2014. Born in Marsala, she is a lawyer, graduated in Law at Lumsa University, Palermo. Then she subsequently attended the School of specialization for legal professions at the Lumsa University Rome. Claudia earned a postagraduate course university in Public Affairs, Lobbying and Corporate Communication at LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome. From June 2011 until the end of the sixteenth Legislature (March 2013) she worked as legal advisor in a Major Parliamentary Group at the Senato della Repubblica. Working in the legislative office of the group, Claudia followed Parliamentary activities doing a research work on topics related to Parliamentary confrontations, legislative initiative and Parliamentary scrutiny questions. From April to October 2011 she held an internship at the Cabinet of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. She loves her job and do it with will power and willing to learn. She loves the sea, the smell of salt air is what she mainly misses of her Sicily.

In UTOPIA they say about her

She’s a morning person, meticulous during the amendment examination, an activity she takes on with proverbial Sicilian composure. Only sneezes and malaises can notch her concentration: she suffers of any kind, just like Molière’s Imaginary Invalid.